Custom illustrations of your original character(s), made with love by yours truly.
Please note: my terms of service apply.


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Terms of Service

Updated 17th March, 2021

By commissioning or otherwise obtaining original artwork by me (the artist), you (the client) agree to adhere to and uphold these terms of service.

I. Reservation of Rights & Licensing

All rights not explicitly granted are retained by the artist, and all clients must follow a non-commercial license agreement with respect to the artwork; prohibited uses under this agreement include (but are not limited to) selling copies of the artwork, NFT tokenization of the artwork, and the creation & sale of merchandise featuring or including the artwork. The artist retains the right to decline any commission.

Rights reserved by the artist include (but are not limited to) the publication of the artwork with or without attribution to the client, and inclusion of the artwork in portfolios and commercial advertising (such as commission sales advertisements).

II. Permissions and Limitations

Extensions to the rights to the artwork held by the client include the following:
Clients may upload the artwork to a website where credit (which should be clear and accessible by any viewer of the artwork) can be given.

Clients are not permitted to claim that they are the artist of the artwork, or to directly replicate (trace) it.

Clients are permitted to make small edits to the artwork (such as cropping it), but must ask for expressed permission by the artist for further changes. Edits that are never permitted include changing the piece so as to include discriminatory or hateful content; or removing/defacing the artist's signature.*

In addition to discriminatory and hateful content, the artist will not draw or represent the following subjects in any artwork:

  • Pornographic content (SFW or NSFW) or graphic violence/gore

  • Symbols of war/militia or discriminatory groups

  • Restricted culturally significant content, attire, or symbol

  • Any person or character whose permission was not given to be included as a subject in the artwork

  • Copyrighted intellectual property to which the client holds no rights

  • Imitations of the brand, style, or specific work(s) of another artist

*Cropping the artwork such that the signature is obscured is only permitted when explicit credit to the artist is given alongside the piece.

III. Payment & Miscellaneous Fees

Payment for commissions is always to be upfront (i.e. taken prior to initation unless otherwise stated).

Commissions for which any preliminary material (e.g. a basic draft of the piece) is sent prior to payment will be identified as such on the corresponding listing. Unless stated, this is not given. The client owns no rights to this material until payment, and if payment is cancelled/incomplete, the artist may repurpose the material.

III.a Complexity Fees

Complicated designs incur a complexity fee that is determined by the artist prior to initiation of payment.

III.b Revision Fees

Revision fees are charged prior to the revision and dependent on the estimated amount of time taken by the artist to alter the artwork. Minor revisions or corrections to mistakes do not incur a fee.

III.c Cancellation and Refunds

Please see commiss.io's refund policy under the "strict" tab for more details on cancellations.
Refunds cannot be issued during or after the commission.