Hey! I'm Tiger. Artist and full time feline. Nice to meet you!

Hello hello! I'm Tiger and I'm an artist living in Victoria, Australia. I love colorful things, science, and nonsense.
It means the world that you checked out my site - so thank you! I hope you enjoy my work. :)

Terms of Service
Note: by commissioning or otherwise obtaining my art, you agree to the following terms.

I will NOT draw any of the following:
NSFW Content (including fetishes to any degree)
Problematic, Offensive, Discriminatory, or Hateful Content
Real people without their consent, or fan-art of existing franchises
Other people's characters without their permission
An imitation of another artist's style, design, or artwork in general

The client is not to edit my art in any way, including removing the watermark. Please ask me to make alterations, I would be happy to!

As the artist, any and all artwork that I draw - unless personally arranged between the client and myself - may be posted to my own social media, or used for my promotional purposes. The client may upload the art where they wish as long as they do not claim it as their own work, and I am clearly credited as the artist.

I will only give refunds in accordance to the progress of the piece (e.g. if I have completed the sketch, the client will be refunded for the amount they paid excluding the cost of the sketch).

Finally - please don't trace, imitate, profit from, or otherwise alter my work without my explicit permission.

Anything you're curious about that wasn't covered here? Feel free to ask!